Hot & Cold

*Outfit Details*

Sunnies: ALDO

Shirt: Romwe

Jeans: Thrifted

Booties: H&M



I’ve been away for a few days, school is killing me but I’m trying so hard to keep up with this passion.  It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.  The weather seems to be going through the same issues as me one day its hot, one day it’s cold and the next day it’s hot again.

Can you even see me?

*Outfit Details*

Earings: H&M

Dress: Romwe

Jacket: Thrifted

Shoes: Nike


It’s so hard transitioning from Summer to Fall outfits when you live in the Central Valley and fall means 80 degrees.  So for now I slowly transition into turtle necks, no sleeves ;)  Mornings are chilly so I wear a light jacket preferably something I can wrap around my waist when noon comes and it suddenly feels like summer again.


Summer Time Chi

*Outfit Details*


Sunnies: ALDO

Tank: H&M

Skirts: Bar III

Sneakers: Nike Huarache Run



Sunnies: ALDO

Blouse: Velvet Love

Pants: Armani Exchange

Shoes: H&M


Chi Town, Chi Town, what a beautiful city!  I totally fell in love with it completely.  From it's iconic sky line to it's historical buildings.  I had never been to a city with so much art all around, not only in their many museums but on every street corner!  Literally everything was art, their architecture being one of the most outstanding.  It's so hard to believe that Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country, I honestly didn't feel in danger at any point of my trip. 

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

*Outfit Details*

Lippy:  MAC, Ruby Woo

Dress: Romwe

Shoes: Nike


Loving todays dress when I purchased it the first thing that caught my attention were the sleeves.  When I shop for clothes I like looking for pieces that are different, pieces that catch my eye and give me butterflies! I feel it's very important when shopping for clothes that you satisfy your own style and taste before following the latest trend.  My number one rule when shopping is "If I'm not completely in love with a piece I don't buy it".  


Check out that background though, every time I passed by it I would think to myself "I want to shoot an outfit there" and today was the day!  Isn't it so cool, and I also met the loveliest lady Arlene she totally made my day when she approached me and complimented me on doing what I love & also invited me to her bow shop around the corner!  She was so amazing she let me have one of her adorable Shopkins bows!  If you have little girls I totally recommend her shop in the tower district she has a wide variety of colored bows as well as customized buttons!  She will literally make you a custom button for your bow of anything you'd like as well as tutus and t-shirts.  I'll leave a link to her page below.



Bow Store info


234 W Olive Ave

Fresno Ca 93728


Femme Fatale

*Outfit Deatils*

Sunnies: Aldo 

Choker: DIY 

Blouse: H&M 

Jeans: 7Jeans for all Mankind

Shoes: Aldo 


Today's look is very simple, this morning I had lab so the focus was on the shoes since they had to be closed toe.  It's still very hot where I live so I find it very difficult to find closed toe shoes to wear, but I found this gorgeous pair of Aldo sneakers in my closet and instantly I knew they were the ones!  Of course I had to add a pop piece to the outfit so I whore this DIY choker I made from left over fabric I had of some vintage pants I had hemmed.  When the choker trend first made a come back I refused to wear one I though they were so boring and basic.   Everyone was wearing them and that wasn't very attractive to me, but when my cousin made a tutorial of DIY chokers I was obsessed!  I could make infinite colors and styles of my own adding that uniqueness I needed to join the trend.  


Oh and if you're wondering "What the heck is up with that title?" Check out that silhoutte to the left ;)

Street Style

*Outfit Details*

Choker: DIY


Shorts: H&M

Shoes: F21


Okay you've probably read this before on the blog but I'm a HUGE fan of mens street wear.  Basically if I like any clothing item I will wear it.  So of course when I saw this camo print T on Stay Grinding Supply's  early summer line, I had to have it!  I'm already a huge fan of camo but there was something about the contrast of the orange lettering I instantly fell in love with.  On this ensemble I paired it with white cut out shorts, and tied a knot at the center to give it a more feminine look.  You can also tie the shirt with a rubber band but I feel the knot gives it more edge, it's almost as if the knot is a part of the T-shirt's design.


Also is you missed it click the link to check out Stylnation's feature article on Stay Grindin Supplies Blog ;) 

Car Problems

*Outfit Details*

Bandana: Local Mexican Market

Necklace: Express

Shirt: F21

Skirt: Bar III

Shoes: F21


Dress Code

*Outfit Details*

Bandana: Local Mexican Market

Shirt: H&M

Pants: F21

Booties: H&M


So yes like many of you might know or imagine I have a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in fashion, FIDM class of 2013 woot woot, but I recently decided to go back to school to become a registered nurse crazy I know but it's something I've always wanted to do but was kinda scared of...


...but anyway I'm in a bunch of biology courses that require Labs & working with live and dead organisms so these classes require a dress code.  So being a fashionista I've had some difficulties.  For example today I had an outfit planned out for this triple digit weather then I remember I had Microbiology Lab, yikes there go my strappy sandals, open toe shoes are definetely unacceptable !  I needed heels since I really wanted to wear these flared leg cut off pants and flats weren't an option, I opted for these spring booties.  Not the best option for triple digit weather buuuut they made dress code so it's alright they came right off when I got home 😜.

Visual Love

*Outfit Details*

Top: H&M

Pants: Thrifted & Restored

Sandals: H&M

Necklace: F21

Bag: Free People (Marshals find)

Sunnies: Quay


It's the first day of class so of course I had to wear my favorite summer outfit & shoot at my favorite location in the tower district. 



Back to School Outfits

It's back to school time and I couldn't be more excited.  Honestly I love love looove school, so back to school time gets me so excited but I also know that it can be stressful for some.  You're about to start a new semester, new teachers, new classmates, and the big question "What am I going to wear?!"  Which brings us to today's post three outfit inspirations for a first day of school.  


First outfit is a vintage Levi Strauss & Co. top paired with a denim skirt (Forever21), the skirt is an over the knee length so it will be very comfortable to sit in.  The second outfit is a Thrasher T-Shirt paired with another thrifted piece, for those of you who have been following me for a while now you know that I'm very into mens streetwear.  I love pairing mens tops with girly pieces like this camel colored skirt sealing the look with a bright red lip. Third outfit is in my opinion the most comfortable clothing article the "shirt dress".  This is the best outfit for an early day where you have no time to think of what to wear.  Having a good collection of shirt dresses comes very handy for a college girl.  This dress was already a bit much with the lacing at the chest so I paired it with a simple choker.  I've got to admit at first I was a little hesitant about the choker trend, but I've been obsessed with creating my own chokers and this one is one of them.  I love the originality a DIY item brings to an outfit.  


I hope these outfit ideas help you out a bit on your first day of school, my main goal for this post is to lift some weight off your shoulders and help you out a bit on a stressful day.



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